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WHAT IS XARELTO / Rivaroxaban

More than 2 million new U.S. patients will be eligible to receive Xeralto is a next-generation blood thinner drug, after the Food and Drug Administration approved the medication to treat a common heart problem that can lead to stroke.

Federal health officials approved the drug from Johnson & Johnson and Bayer to prevent strokes in patients with atrial fibrillation, a condition that causes the heart’s upper chambers beat chaotically and ineffectively. The irregular heartbeats can cause blood clots which travel to the brain, blocking blood flow and occasionally causing a stroke.

The once-a-day pill was first approved in July to prevent strokes in patients receiving hip and knee replacements.

The FDA did not approve a manufacturer-requested claim that Xarelto was superior at preventing stroke and blood clots when compared with warfarin. Instead the FDA states that the companies’ 14,000-patient study showed Xarelto and warfarin the drug it was supposed to replace, were about the same in preventing stroke.

Xarelto is the first in a new class of blood thinning drugs that work by blocking a clotting protein called factor Xa. Older blood thinners, including warfarin, work by preventing blood platelets from sticking together.

Known chemically as rivaroxaban, Xarelto was discovered by German drugmaker Bayer and co-developed with New Brunswick, N.J.-based J&J. J&J holds U.S. marketing rights to the drug while Bayer markets the drug in the rest of the world.


Unfortunately, there have been more and more cases of serious side effects from taking Xarelto in recent years. The drug, which came on the market in the United States in 2011, has a number of side effects that patients must look out for. Some of these side effects include muscle pain, itching, fainting, and pain in the arms and legs.

However, by far the most serious side effect of Xarelto is excessive internal bleeding. More and more patients are reporting having major bleeding episodes after taking Xarelto, and some of these events have even resulted in the death of the patient. Even if the patient survives the major bleeding episodes, it can have lasting effects on their health and can leave them and their families with high medical bills as a result of treating the bleeding episode. You and your family should not have to suffer because you were prescribed a drug that you trusted to make you better.

By the end of 2012, after being on the market for only two years, the FDA has received over 2,000 complication reports about Xarelto, 51 of which actually resulted in the death of the patient taking the drug. In 2013, the Institute of Safe Medicine Practices found 680 cases where Xarelto resulted in adverse events in patients, largely due to excessive bleeding. Even despite this, the drug continues to be prescribed to patients.

Although the drug is intended to help blood clot effectively, control bleeding, and prevent serious conditions like atrial fibrillation or pulmonary embolism, in actuality, the drug often creates excessive internal bleeding in patients. This can take the form of nosebleeds, blood in your urine or stool, vomiting blood, bleeding from the gums, or excessive menstrual bleeding. These are all signs of an adverse reaction to Xarelto, and they are not only frightening and painful, but they can also lead to other health issues as well. You may have to seek extensive medical care, which can cost you and your family significant money, and it can make your situation even worse if you are taking Xarelto in an attempt to take care of a particular health issue.

If you are suffering physically, emotionally, or financially from excessive internal bleeding caused by Xarelto, you need to get in touch with a lawyer as soon as possible. Because of the enormous number of cases of individuals suffering excessive bleeding from taking Xarelto, you might be entitled to receive compensation from Xarelto’s manufacturer, Bayer HealthCare Corporation.

There is evidence to suggest that Bayer has deliberately not informed many doctors about the risk of excessive internal bleeding as a side effect of taking Xarelto. Since it came on the market in 2011, Bayer has made around one billion dollars off of the drug, meaning that they are likely reluctant to tell doctors about the side effects in order to keep from losing revenue. This is inexcusable, and if it has caused you or a loved one pain or death, they need to be held responsible.

Do not hesitate to contact a lawyer if you or someone you love has experienced excessive bleeding from taking the drug Xarelto. We are here to assist you through this difficult time and to make sure that you receive the compensation you deserve for your medical bills and your pain and suffering.

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